So you want to be a data scientist? - a podcast

I have been thinking about the idea of conducting interviews with data professionals and publishing these interviews to guide aspiring data scientists in their journey. After discussing it with my friend Madli today, we came with the idea of just recording a podcast episode for everyone to enjoy.

In this episode, Madli is telling us about how she decided to pursue a career in data science after studying psychology and law. She shares some of the most exciting projects she's been a part of and how a typical project looks like for her from beginning to end. Madli worked as a data scientist at IBM for 3 years before joining her friends at an exciting start-up. She now works as a product manager for Pactum and says her experience as a data scientist helps her make decisions based on data in her current role.

Enjoy! And let me know if there are questions you want answered by a series of data professionals.

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