Episode #3 - Being a technical writer at a big tech firm with Melissa Barr

Having a career in data is much more than data science. You can become a data analyst, a data engineer, an ML engineer. But apart from the first-hand data related careers, especially in big organisations, there is a need for supporting roles that ensure the accessibility and usability of solutions prepared by data professionals. Such as product managers, designers, architects. One of these supporting roles is something I never thought about: technical writers. A technical writer is someone who documents products in order to make it accessible throughout the organisation. If you want to work in tech but you also want to have a higher level look on things, this might be just what you're looking for. But don't take my word for it. Let's listen to Melissa Barr.

Melissa is a technical writer at Uber working specifically for the machine learning team. In this episode we get to learn more about technical writing and what this job entails. Melissa talks about her journey of becoming a technical writer, shares the kind of tasks she performs day-to-day and informs us about the career path of a technical writer. She has some really good tips for anyone interested in a technical writing or data related position.

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