Episode #21 - Working as a data science while still studying with Khuyen Tran

There are many ways to get a data science job and on this episode we hear a very interesting one!

Khuyen Tran is a student and a data scientist who got her first job before even graduating. On top of other things, we learn how this was possible. She shares her tips on how to stay engaged in the data science field and how to improve oneself by doing hands-on projects.

She tells me all about how she got her first job as a data scientist while still studying, how her writing on Medium brought a lot of opportunities to her foot, what resources she used to gain new skills and more!

Khuyen's is a great story to understand what to focus on when aiming to become a data scientist. She has some great advice on how to approach the whole data science field and how to think about learning new concepts.

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Khuyen's medium account

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