Episode #20 - A look into Women in Data with Sadie St. Lawrence

Communities all over the world are on the rise. People want to connect with others that they have shared values with. People in these communities help their fellow members with hard times, follow each other's journeys and are there for each other through challenges. One such great community is Women in Data. Its goal is to increase diversity in data careers. But it’s more than a community. It “provides awareness, education and advancement to women in the tech industry - specifically in analytics, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence” in their words.

Behind this organization is Sadie St. Lawrence. And she has a very interesting story on how this all got started. Being the only woman in her studies, Sadie felt the need for a community and built one from the ground up to help others who felt like her.

Now, in just 5 years, Women in Data is active in 11 countries.

Sadie is a data practitioner herself who has a background in data science and consultancy. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey into data science
  • How to approach getting into a data career
  • Her advice for aspiring data scientists
  • What programs Women in Data has for aspiring data scientists
  • How to get in touch and become a part of the organization

And much more!

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