Episode #19 - Helping the government work better with AI with Nicole Janeway Bills

Yes, government agencies use AI too! When you think about it, with the gigantic amount of data they have, no wonder they need machine learning solutions to deal with their problems. And if you're passionate about working for the government or at least supporting it, this could be a great alternative for you!

This week on the show I have Nicole Janeway Bills. She works for Atlas Research, a consultancy firm that specializes in providing technical support to accomplish strategic transformations, improved performance, and enhanced service delivery for federal organizations in the US.

After realizing her passion in data analytics, Nicole followed her heart and started the journey that brought her to where she is today. Currently, Nicole's work involves Natural Language Processing and the latest technologies in AI which she admits to really enjoy.

We talk about how she decided to become a data scientist, what qualifications she went through, how she landed her first job, the future of AI and much more. Nicole has some great advice for anyone who is thinking of jumping into a career switch.

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Here is Nicole's medium page where she writes about her learnings and current state of AI: https://nicolejaneway.medium.com/

Nicole's article on Python (from 30:07): 10 Underrated Python Skills

Hands-on Data Science: Complete Your First Portfolio Project course: https://www.soyouwanttobeadatascientist.com/mdsm

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