Episode #16 - Starting a business on data with Susan Walsh, The Classification Guru

Data Scientists are in demand and that's why becoming a data scientist is also in demand. Though many times what people have in mind when they think of becoming a data scientist is working at a company, with a boss.

This doesn't have to be the case for everyone though. Ways you can do data science and in general, careers in data are too many to count. If you're really passionate about what you're doing and you value freedom above all else, like Susan, you might even start your own business and become your own boss.

In this episode, I host Susan Walsh. She started her own business in an area she wasn't particularly trained on: data. Susan, also known as, The Classification Guru started her business after she realised that there is a gap in the market for people who would tidy up your data for you and make it ready for analysis. And now, her business is flourishing. She gets to work with fun use cases, have fun making marketing content for her work and make money on top of it.

In this episode we talk about her journey building her business, how she came up with an idea, what kind of services she offers to her clients, how she likes her job and many more things!

Tune in to learn more about the possibility of starting your own business and to get some inspiration!

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