Episode #15 - Finding remote work and life of a machine learning engineer with Ceren İyim

As a person who looked for jobs in the remote workspace before the pandemic, I can say, it is not easy. Fully remote companies tend to be, simply, super cool and have great culture. That’s why they get a lot of applications. This in turn makes the space super competitive.

When I, “re-met” Ceren 6-7 months ago, she was also looking for remote work. In the meantime, she actually found a remote position at an awesome company called Data Revenue and has been with them for the past couple of months.

In this episode, we hear how Ceren changed her career from being a logistics consultant to a machine learning engineer, which resources she used to learn data science, how she landed a remote position, her projects and more.

It's fair to note that with the latest developments in the world, as in a global pandemic, companies started seeing that remote work is actually possible. A lot of businesses have been temporarily or some even permanently moved to a remote working style. As a result, a lot of new opportunities for remote work opened up! This will make remote positions more accessible to a wider array of workers in the coming years. If you're interested in getting a remote position, let's hear it from Ceren who has been through it all!

Ceren's Medium profile: https://medium.com/@cereniyim

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