Episode #10 - An unexpected way of using data science and life at Adobe with Shivali Goel

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a vast variety of jobs where data science skills and machine learning are used. So, we end up defaulting to a data scientist position. Shivali Goel’s job is an excellent example of a non-data scientist title where data science skills are highly used.

Shivali is a globalisation engineer at Adobe. She works on making sure that Adobe products are applicable and acceptable across the globe to different countries, cultures and languages. While doing so, she uses NLP and other ML techniques as her main tool.

This goes to show that you don’t only have to be a data scientist by title to be practicing data science and using the “cool” ML techniques in your work.

Shivali says that her passion for languages, different cultures and NLP is combined in her position. Let’s hear it from her in this episode and go into the details of how she works.

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