Data science kick-starter mini-course is live!

After a month of work, I am very happy to announce that my Data Science Kick-starter course is ready!

I prepared this course to act as a guide to aspiring data scientists during the first steps of their journey. It focuses on identifying clear goals and staying in focus when learning data science. There are three modules in the course:

1. Determining your goal

In the first module, we will look into different data career options and choose one. We aim to make a decision on one of the data careers and build confidence in it.

2. Determining your path

The second module is about understanding data science as a discipline. We will look into where data science is positioned in the world of AI. Additionally, we will discuss the layers of knowledge required for a successful data career.

3. Understanding learning requirements

In the last module, we will go into details of the learning layers. A system for acquiring skills one step at a time is introduced.

This course is for you, if you are an aspiring data scientist who is confused about where to start their journey. To get access to the course, subscribe using the form below. See you there!