Data Science Kick-starter Minicourse

Start your journey the right way.

A guide for aspiring data scientists during their first steps. Identify clear goals and stay focused when learning data science.

There are three modules in the course:

1. Determining your goal

In the first module, we will look into different data career options and choose one. We aim to make a decision on one of the data careers and build confidence in it.

2. Determining your path

The second module is about understanding data science as a discipline. We will look into where data science is positioned in the world of AI. Additionally, we will discuss the layers of knowledge required for a successful data career.

3. Understanding learning requirements

In the last module, we will go into specifics of what to learn. Each knowledge layer consists of many skills. I introduce a system that groups each necessary skill into levels of how advanced it is. This way, you can see where you are on your journey and what your next step should be.

This course is for you, if you are an aspiring data scientist who is confused about where to start their journey and need to take a birds-view look on everything you need to learn.

Jorge Quiroz
“Straight to the point and short but very meaningful. It definitely guides me in a better direction.” for my notebooks as you have here.”

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“The whole course covers the proper guideline for a data scientist. Each and everything was important to me.”
Thomas Waas
“It gave me an insight of what a data scientist is. You have inspired me with the data science knowledge...thanks a lot!”

Your instructor

Hey there, I’m Mısra.

I started my career at IBM where I worked with big multi-national companies, organizing and implementing their data science projects. Later I worked on projects teaching the fundamental concepts of data science.

Now, I want to teach you what I know. I always received lots of questions about my career and in general about data science from people who wanted to end up where I am. That’s why I started this program.

I made this course after I realized that many aspiring data scientists do not have enough information on the field and don't actually know which profession they'd like to pursue.